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Use case

If you have a multi-language site you may well have created an exact copy of your site and used the Umbraco relationships to allow you to send a page for translation. Unfortunately within Umbraco there is nothing within the UI that shows you this relationship or allows you to edit it, in steps this datatype.

The datatype will show you which page(s) is (are) related to each other and the name is a link which will allow you to jump between the pages within the Umbraco UI.

If you have created two pages without a relationship and then decide you would like them to be related you can just open up one of the pages and then select the other page ( it’s just like a normal content picker )


  1. Install the package
  2. Add the datatype to all your pages

Optional configuration

By default the datatype will allow an un-limited number of relationships to be created, usually people would like just one or two relationships depending on the number of countries their multi-lingual site supports, you can add a web.config key to limit the number of relationships that can be created by the datatype:

<add key="ViziozNumberOfRelationships" value="1" />

Enjoy :)

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